OCS-TAIWAN Brand Electronic direct-view electronic crane scale using high-quality large-scale integrated circuits to ensure excellent measurement performance and long-term stability. With a total, delete, query, maintain, index value switching, unit switching, automatic shutdown, automatic battery monitoring and other functions. This product can be widely used in the port terminal, transportation, metallurgical industry, steel market, building materials market, warehousing, coal, paper and industrial and mining enterprises in the field of loading and unloading measurement, process measurement, raw materials into and out of measurement and inventory measurement.


Product Description


  1. Accuracy level: Chinese national standard GB / T11883-2002 “electronic crane scale” Ⅲ level
  2. Peeled range: 100% of the maximum weighing
  3. Zero setting range: ± 20% of the maximum weighing
  4. Reading stability time: Less than 10 seconds
  5. Overload alarm: 100% maximum weighing +9 division
  6. Safety load: 150% of the maximum weighing
  7. Battery Specifications: 6V / 4Ah lead-acid batteries
  8. Charger: AC220V input, DC1.2V500mA output
  9. Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃
  10. Remote Interface: with 4-button remote control


1.Repeatability: For the same load, the difference between multiple weighing results should not exceed the absolute value of the maximum allowable error of the weighing.

2.Rotation: vertical lifting load at the level of 360o; within the scope of rotation at any angle indication error shall comply with the provisions.

3.Partial load hanging point electronic crane scale should be consistent with the provisions of JJG555-1996.

4.Multi-indicator: the difference between the indication of the electronic crane scale and the printing device should be zero.

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