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Who We Are

S3 V Trading Group Co., Ltd Is One Of The Largest Private Company in Cambodia.

S3 V Trading Group Co., Ltd is a large and professional on truck scale, crusher spare parts and storage racking systems company, registered locally under the prevailing laws of Royal Cambodian Government which intent to cater for the growing opportunity in the construction agriculture and industry brought about by the political in the country.

Company Background

We started our business in 2006 when we supplies imported truck scales from neighboring country to the Cambodia market. In that year, we also secure our first major customer, you Khim Rice Mill, where we have supplied and installed truck scales system at their rice production facility located in the Kampong Cham province.

In 2007, we have started to source local suppliers for the materials for truck scales overall structure at a much lower cost while still import the electronics system from oversea. By assembling the final product in – house, we have reduced significantly cost on the truck scales as compare to ready use imported truck scales as a result increase our market competitiveness in term of product offer price.

Throughout the years, our business have slowly grown and have secured different segment of the industries including F & B, agriculture, automobile, logistics, construction materials where we secure order from some of the biggest brand name companies such as Honda, Angkor Beer, Coca – Cola, , Heineken Beer factory , Oknha Mong Port, Chip Mong Insee Cement and so on.

We also transform, our services into a full “3S” truck scale companies where we created a team of trained technician for our after sales service. With the creation of technician, we also can offer warranty for the selected products that we offered which in turn increase confidence amongst our clients and foster a stronger business relationship.
We understand that the importance of the corporate structure for the success of every business, therefore, we have transformed our business into private limited company status when we registered under our current name with MOC in 2013. In the same year, we have expand our business by offering storage solution to our customers.
In 2016 to tap into broader customer audience we expanded our business acting as the dealer for ANHUI HELI INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE IMPORT & EXPORT CO.,LTD to offer material handling machineries with HELI China No 1 Top brand for the Cambodian market.

Our Vision:
As one of the leading equipment and solution provider for storage and material handling in ASEAN by expanding our services and products in Cambodia and our surrounding countries.

Our Mission:
To create practical solutions by providing reliable range of products and on – time quality services for different customer segments.

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  • Over 6 years of experience

  • Safety and Good Compliance

  • Profitable Growth

  • End to End Solution

  • Honest and Dependable

  • Improving Always

Leadership With Integrity

Focus On Our Clients

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S3 V Trading Group Co.,Ltd provide Industrial storage racking & mazzanine floor such us:

  • Selective Rack
  • Medium Rack
  • Mezzanine Floor
  • Steel Pallet Racking
  • Drive in Rack
  • Double Deep Rack
  • Mobile Racking
  • Flow Rack
  • Push Back Rack

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S3 Group provide Weighing & Digital scale service such as:

  • Truck Scale
  • Repair Maintenance
  • Spare Part Replacement
  • Calibration Service
  • Digital Scale

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S3 V Trading Group Co.,Ltd provide Lifting Equipment such us:

  • Forklift
  • Reach Truck
  • Hand Stacker
  • Full Electric Stacker
  • Hand Pallet Truck
  • Scissors lift
  • Electric Pallet Truck
  • Semi-Electric Stacker
  • Electric Stacker
  • Double Deep Reach Truck
  • VNA Reach Truck
  • 3Wheel Forklift
  • Electric Forklift
  • Diesel Forklift
  • LPG Forklift

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S3 V Trading Group Co.,Ltd provide Plastic product such us:

  • Plastic Basket
  • Plastic Pallet
  • Plastic Curtain Chiller

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S3 V Trading Group Co.,Ltd provide Crusher part(Casting supply) such us:

  • Concave & Mantle
  • Jaw Plate
  • Conveyor Belt

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Featured Products

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  • Racking
    One of the fundamental tools in material handling industry, racking (rack) is a steel structure composed of two or more upright frames, beams, and connectors for the purpose of supporting materials in storage. Welding, bolting or clipping are the typical methods to assemble them. Steel pallet rack structures are built to enable operators to store the maximum of product while providing accessibility for order picking, protecting the product, as well as organizing the flow of product within a warehouse.
  • Auto Barrier Gate System
    There are various technologies for an automatic boom barrier. One of them is electro-mechanical, which is widely used due to its reliability. The other technologies are often manufacturer specific. These electro-mechanical devices come with 24VDC drive units which can run continuously without generating heat, so electro-mechanical boom barriers can be operated continuously and in an intensive duty cycle.

    Operation of automatic boom barrier

    An Automatic boom barrier can be operated through:
    1. Push Button
    2. Remote Control
    3. RFID Tags / RFID Reader
    4. Loop Detectors
    5. Any third party access control device
  • Digital Scale
    A digital scale is a measurement device used to measure the weight or mass of an object or substances. Digital scales are often more compact, durable, and precise than other kinds of scales, such as spring scales or balances, which often wear out and give different readings over time. Digital scales require a power source and may not always be completely accurate, but they are generally quite accurate and consistent even when used over extended periods of time. A digital scale may be used for many different purposes ranging from the measurement of ingredients in the kitchen to the precise measurement of substances in a lab.